Chromatic Industries Announces New President and CEO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—May 3, 2012 —Chromatic Industries, Inc. (“Chromatic”), a private corporation, announces the hire of its new President and Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Hall. Mr. Hall took the reigns at Chromatic in April 2012 after nearly three decades of experience in the valve industry. Mr. Hall has previously worked with TK Valve, Argus Valve, Puffer Sweiven and CVI Solutions where he was co-founder.

Hall had worked with the development of the Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve over the years, so when the opportunity to take the helm at Chromatic became available, Hall was already well acquainted with the product line, its proven performance and success in numerous applications across a wide variety of industries.  “I’ve had a long career pioneering new products, both nationally and internationally, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead Chromatic.  With its great product line and financial stability, I believe the company has a remarkable future,” says Hall.  

Since forming Chromatic to acquire the Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve product line last May, the company has relocated its facilities to the Woodlands area, expanded its sales staff as well as firms representing the product line, commenced development of additional product lines, and introduced a new website.  “With the hiring of Wayne Hall to lead the organization, I believe we now have all the pieces in place to build a significant company providing superior products and excellent customer service. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is a great product that is proven in the marketplace.  I look forward to working with Wayne to grow this company” says the private owner of Chromatic.

About Chromatic Industries

Chromatic Industries, Inc. (“Chromatic”), a Houston area based, private corporation, is a global manufacturer of specialty engineered valves focused in the refining, mining, process, pipeline, power, and petro-chemical markets.  The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve incorporates the positive features of ball, gate, plug, and high performance valves resulting in a quarter turn, mechanically sealing, tight shutoff valve with enhanced longevity and performance.  The cartridge feature enables the internal components to be exchanged or modified without having to remove the valve body, resulting in minimal downtime and cost savings to its customers.  Please visit our website at for more information about the company, product line, and applications.  Please contact Larry Brown, General Manager, if you need additional information.

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